Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Title Search Property Due Diligence Outsourcing India

Title Search Property Due Diligence Outsourcing India

A title search is the resulting document of ownership or lien research of a real estate. A researcher will retrieve the records on a property, such as transfers, liens, judgments, and other recorded data. All the results will be compiled into a report, called a title search and report can be used to understand the status of the property, such as if there are liens against the property, or ownership status.   The search report will have title search abstract, not just a property deed. A full property title searches  include : Mortgages, Property liens, Tax liens, Contractor liens, Tax certificates, Legal and vesting document.

Many of our clients are investors, looking at properties for purchase. The prospective buyers wish to determine the status of any liens that may be on the property and understand the ownership of a property before they make an offer on it to the seller or broker. Sometimes, knowing the amount of mortgages on a property, or if there are financial problems can help with the negotiations. The title searches may indicate comparable sales data, to see what other properties in the area have sold for. In addition, some clients may require a title search as part of a family event, such as divorce, estate or otherwise. Many homeowners are now checking their own homes title status on a regular basis, to make sure no liens are attaching to the property. A lien search for the property is most important for title search, and it should list all liens recorded against the current owner of the property. This includes both mortgage liens, and all non-voluntary liens such as tax liens, contractor liens, etc.   The title searches take between one to four days (Not including weekends).

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